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M300 Series

Rigol M300 Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Switch System Rigol M300 Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Switch System Rigol M300 Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Switch System
Rigol M300 Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Switch System
Rigol M300 Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Switch System
Rigol M300 Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Switch System


No matter the product performance test in the R & D stage or the automatic test in the production process, for the application of multiple test points and multiple signal measurement, the M300 series data acquisition / switch system with modular structure combines the precise measurement function with the flexible signal connection function, and can provide a wealth of test measurement solutions.

Large Screen Display & Easy to Operate

4.3-inch color LCD screen, simple and convenient function setting, no PC required, the host can independently perform the acquisition function

6.5-bit Reading resolution

The measurement function of the data acquisition system is completed by the 6.5-bit multimeter module, which supports the measurement functions of DCV, DCI, ACV, ACI, 2wr, 4wr, cycle, frequency, temperature (thermocouple, thermistor and RTD) and any sensor

Up to 256 Test Channels

The M300 host has five module slots One slot is generally used for DMM measurement card, and the other four are used for measurement channel According to the selected module, the slot can have up to 64 measurement channels, and each host can have 256 measurement channels.

Optional 8 Module Cards

Support up to 8 kinds of module cards, including various multiplexers, actuators, switch matrix and hybrid test modules

Provide Multiple Communication Interfaces

USB host / device, GPIB, LAN (lxi-c) and RS232 communication interfaces are provided as standard

Supporting Control Analysis Software

Ultraacquire can control up to five hosts to complete the configuration of complex systems Record and draw data after scanning Ethernet or USB PC every time Users can also set limits, alerts, and triggers for advanced system monitoring. The software provides rich data display mode, one click report generation function and data export function.

Basic Performance

Parameters / Characteristics Specifications
M300 M301 M302
CARD TYPE SUPPORTED DMM-MC3065, MUX20-MC3120,MUX32-MC3132, MUX64-MC3164, MIX24-MC3324, ACT-MC3416, MFC-MC3534, MATRIX-MC3648
BUILT-IN MULTIMETER - 6.5 digit 6.5 digit
MAX. SCANNING SPEED 60 Ch/s 60 Ch/s 60 Ch/s


Options Descriptions
M300 Data Acquisition/Switch System
M301 Data Acquisition/Switch System + DMM Module
M302 Data Acquisition/Switch System + DMM Module + MC3120 20-Channel Multiplexer + M3TB20 Terminal Block

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Model Number Number of Slots Series Type Built-In Multimeter Accuracy Max Scanning Speed Max Number of Channels Per Unit
Rigol Data Acquisition Switch System M300 Data Acquisition Switch System M300 5 8 6½ digits 60 Ch/s 320

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