expressTest - ATE Software Platform (Updated: 30 Mar 2023)

expressTest Overview

Users' Application-specific Access Control

The expressTest Software Platform comes with a standard front-panel interface that allow users to input login credentials in order to gain access to specific application within the manufacturing and development environment. There are five distinct applications that the system administrator can control access with the User Administration feature, namely:

  • Development - R&D and Test Development Engineer can create test plan with basic programming knowledge
  • Production - Operators can execute the test plan and monitor results and statistics
  • Limits & Binning - Product Engineer can manage the test specifications and set multiple binning categories
  • Correction - Product Engineer can perform correlation on specific measurement parameter
  • Calibration - Test Equipment Engineer will be automatically guided on the calibration procedure base on the test parameters

Development Environment

ExpressTest is a software platform that allows R&D and Test Development Engineer to create test sequences that are not easily achievable by conventional programming and most test executives/sequencers in the market. It allows multi-station/multi-site test plan to be created within a single user interface and allow test sequences to be synchronized between threads. Some of the handy feature includes:

  • Rapid Test Plan Development Interface - With drag & drop SCPI helpers, assembly loader, test library and assisted interface settings
  • Multi-station/Multi-site Capability - Concurrent test plan development, allowing the test site to work in sequential, distributed-sequential, optimized-parallel or true-parallel mode
  • Parameterize-able Test Step - Measurement parameters can be defined using the test step
  • Profiling - Each test step's execution time are individually recorded to ease identification of improvement area
  • Test Routine - Allow test sequence re-use and upload/download from our test library
  • Simulation Mode - Test plan development without requiring the physical equipments

Manufacturing Environment

This ATE software comes with various interface that helps the Product Engineer to easily characterise the device under test, correlate between test systems with golden units and data logging. It also comes with a suitable interface for Production monitoring of yields, failure types, test progress and not limited to customization on the user interface. Furthermore, the extensible data logging feature can support various databases on demand.

  • Re-configurable User Interface - A snap shot view of the test summary and detailed view of yield for each test parameter, binning categories and etc.
  • Limit Editor - Ease the limit and binning settings including test handler interface selection, with multiple good bin capability
  • Correction Editor - Formula assisted editor to ensure tester correlation
  • Calibration Mode - Guided calibration procedure base on test parameters and settings
  • Reports and Data Logging - Customizable test summary and multiple data log formats such as TXT, CSV, XLS and XML
  • Debugging Mode - Allow test plan to be paused and step through individual sequence for data monitoring

expressTest Screenshots

expressTest Main Interface
expressTest Development Interface
expressTest Transform Interface
expressTest Specification Interface
expressTest Production Interface
expressTest User Access Control Interface