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    Digital Oscilloscopes [ Rigol DS8000-R ]

    • DS8000-R series digital oscilloscope is a compact mid-to-high-end digital oscilloscope based on RIGOL's UltraVision II platform. With a compact design, DS8000-R supports multi-machine system integration, suitable for rack installation. It also allows remote control, and meet the standards of industrial automation test systems.
    • Compact design
    • Convenient stand-alone working mode
    • Suitable for low temperature working environment
    • Save the rack space
    • Scalable to 512 channels of synchronous trigger capability
    • Multi-channel high-speed data acquisition
    PNT X

    Simulation System - Elecsoft Solution [ Spirent PNT X ]

    • Classified testing - Test with encrypted GPS and Galileo signals
    • NAVWAR emulation - Validate resilience against electronic warfare threats
    • Control & automation - Test orchestration and automation
    • True PNT testing - Alternative PNT sources supported
    • Over-the-air testing - Bringing the antenna into the test
    • Enhanced SimGEN control software

    Power Analysis Wavecorder [ Suita SPAW7000 ]

    • Highest measurement accuracy: ±(0.01% of reading + 0.02% of range)
    • 7 power channels + 2 motor channels
    • Bandwidth: DC, 0.1Hz-5MHz
    • Combinable configurations with multiple input range and precision modules
    • Simultaneous 7-harmonic independent analysis
    • Harmonic analysis up to 500th order
    • Instantaneous power measurement
    • X-Y display
    • Data update rate up to 10ms

    Digital Oscilloscopes [ Rigol DS70000 ]

    • The new DS70000 Series is available in either 3 or 5 GHz bandwidths and combines the new UltraVision III oscilloscope technology and UltraReal spectrum analysis technology into RIGOL's most powerful test and measurement instrument ever.
    • Digital Oscilloscope with Real-Time Spectrum Analysis to 5 GHz
    • Waveform Capture Rate
    • 2 Billion Points of Memory
    • 16 bits Vertical Resolution
    • Multiple Touchscreens for efficient visualization
    • Multi Window User Interface
    SP2T Switch

    Ultra Wide Bandwidth 0.001-75Ghz Reflective Coaxial Switch [ RF-Lambda RFLUPA27G34GN-H ]

    • RF-Lambda introduces a new ultra wide bandwidth 0.001-75Ghz reflective coaxial switch.
    • This model has superior performance with high isolation, low insertion loss, and fast switching speeds across a broad operating frequency range.
    • RF-Lambda's unique design and excellent return loss performance top any other switch on the market. This switch offers low power cold switching, ideal for aerospace/military, wireless infrastructure, and EMC test & lab applications.
    4W Wide Band SSPA

    4W Wide Band SSPA 1-22GHz [ RF-Lambda RFLUPA01M22GA ]

    • RF- Lambda offers another fully integrated high efficiency, high linearity wide band power amplifier which produces excellent output power levels, while maintaining an efficient performance level.
    • All RF-Lambda's amplifiers are equipped with input over drive, over current, over temperature protection as well as temperature compensation.
      • Wideband Solid State Power Amplifier
      • Gain: 40 dB Typical
      • Psat: +37 dBm Typical
      • Noise Figure: 3dB Typical
      • Supply Voltage: +24V (-NP) / +36V (-WP)

    Power Supplies [ Rigol DP2000 ]

    • The DP2000 Series Power Supplies combine new high speed and high accuracy technology to provide a flexible test and analysis instrument for all of your DC power applications.
    • Low ripple noise: <350uVrms / 2mVpp
    • Fast transient response time: < 50us
    • High Speed Arb Mode
    • Automatic Series & Parallel Connections

    Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator [ Rigol DG70000-1 ]

    • DG70000 series is the industry-leading high-performance arbitrary waveform generator with the highest 12Gsa/s sampling rate, 5GHz analog bandwidth, 16bit vertical resolution, and the longest 4Gpts wavetable length, with -70dBc spurious-free dynamic range, providing users with clearer and purer signals.
    • Quantum Technology Field
    • Complex electromagnetic scenario simulation
    • High Speed Interface Reception Testing
    • Variable sampling rate from 1uSa/s to 12GSa/s for realistic signal
    • DC~5GHz output frequency range to meet more scenario applications
    • 16bit vertical resolution for more refined level quantization
    • Support 1.5GHz modulation bandwidth
    • Single-channel 4Gpts wavetable length to ensure long signal output
    • Pure signal guarantee, -70dBc spurious-free dynamic range, 10ps
    • 15.6-inch large screen design, electric adjustable screen view

    Coaxial 0.5W 0° 2-Way Power Divider DC - 67GHz [ RF-Lambda RFLT2WDC67G ]

    • High power handling up to 0.5W
    • Wide band operation
    • High isolation within operational band
    • Low Insertion Loss
    • Typical Applications - Wireless Infrastructure, Military & Aerospace, Test & Measurement

    Programmable DC Electronic Load [ Chroma 63200E ]

    • Up to 10 units master/slave parallel control
    • Synchronous control in static and dynamic loads
    • CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation
    • Real time power supply load transient& response simulation & Vpk+/- measurement
    • User programmable 255 sequential front panel input status
    • Ultra-precision voltage & current measurement
    • Timing & discharging measurement for batteries
    • Short circuit simulation
    • Smart fan control
    • Full protection: OC (adjustable), OT, OP (adjustable) protection & OV warning, >polarity reverse alarm

    SMA Push-on Adapter [ A-SF-MSP-006 ]

    • Eliminates the time consuming tightening, torquing and loosening process
    • Maximum VSWR of 1.15:1 to 18 GHz
    • Good finger grip area of 8.40 mm (0.33 in) to allow smooth quick connect and disconnection
    • Connector body is gold plated brass and center contact is gold plated beryllium-copper per MIL-G-45204

    • Insertion loss typically 0.082 dB/ft at 1 GHz, 0.250 dB/ft at 10 GHz, and 0.360 dB/ft at 18 GHz
    • Minimum bend radius of 1 inch
    • Outstanding maximum VSWR performance of 1.20:1 to 18GHz
    • Shielding effectiveness of greater than 95 dB and can handle 220 W CW power at 10 GHz

    expressTest - ATE Software Test Platform

    • Users' application-specific Access Control
    • Test Plan Development Environment - featuring drag-and-drop commands
    • Production/Manufacturing Interface
    • System Calibration and Correction Interface
    • Test Specifications with software and hardware binning capability
    • Test Specifications with software and hardware binning capability
    • Extensible Data Logging and Lot Summary format (.TXT, .CSV, .XLS, XML and STDF version 4)
    • Prominent hardware handler and prober supported - extensible

    Product Highlights

    Suita SBT300 Battery Tester


    SBT300 Battery Tester adopts the four-AC-terminal testing for battery impedance and voltage measurement for higher voltage/resistance measurement accuracy, providing wider voltage/resistance measurement range and faster measurement speed. In addition, the tester offers a comparator feature and abundant outputs to provide proper solutions according to different application scenarios.

    Rigol MSO/DS7000 Series Digital Oscilloscope


    MSO7000/DS7000 series is a multifunctional and high-performance digital oscilloscope designed on the basis of the unique Ultra Vision II technique developed by RIGOL. Integrating 7 independent instruments into one, the MSO7000/DS7000 series is equipped with super sample bandwidth ratio, extremely high memory depth, clear display, excellent waveform capture rate, and powerful data analysis functions.

    Many of its specifications have reached the top level in the industry. It provides sound solutions for mainframes, optional & accessories, and application software. It has aroused great attention from customers in the areas such as industrial control, power supply, and automotive electronics.

    RF-Lambda Wideband 400W EMC Solid State Power Amplifier 6-18GHz


    REMC06G18GG is a wideband EMC power amplifier with wide frequency range of 6 to 18GHz., small signal gain 70dB Typical, Digital Control Attenuator 31.5dB max and 0.5db step, Psat 56dBm typical, power supply with 3-phase VAC. compatible for USA and EU standard, 50 Ohm matched input/output, Amplifier Automatic Calibration Function, RF Output Power Display, RF Output Enable Function, high maximum RF input power handling with 10W max, Ethernet Remote Control, 5-inch LCD front panel display screen.

    REMC06G18GG also comes with protection functions such as over temperature protection, over current protection, current imbalance protection, RF input over drive protection, VSWR protection

    Chroma 63200A High Power DC Electronic Load


    The 63200A series high power DC electronic loads are designed for testing a wide range of power conversion products including AC/DC and server power supplies, DC/DC converters, EV batteries, automotive charging stations, and other power electronics components. These units can be synchronously paralleled up to 240kW and dynamically synchronized for generating complex multi-channel transient profiles. The 300% peak overpower capability provides extra headroom for fault condition simulations in automotive batteries, fuel cells, and more.

    The 63200A series have three operating voltage choices, 150V, 600V & 1,200V, with models covering power levels from 4kW to 24kW and up to 2,000A in a single unit.

    Roottek RT-2125 Shield Box


    The RT-2125 RF Test Enclosure supports broad band testing frequency and provides optimal testing condition to test mobile device. It has an outstanding durability and simple structure.

    Besides, this shield box supports an I/O interface panel to apply various interface (IB-series). Not only it offers high performance RF absorber, but also offers high shielding effectiveness using double layer gasket structure. It also has fixture mounting holes in the bottom plate.

    Low Loss RF Flexible Cable Assembly

    Low Loss RF Flexible Cable Assembly

    On top of our ATE offering and design & integration services, over the years we have tested and collected various range of RF cables with exceptional performance. Here, we introduce our Low Loss RF Flexible cable that minimize insertion loss to typically 0.082 dB/ft at 1 GHz, 0.250 dB/ft at 10 GHz, and 0.360 dB/ft at 18 GHz.

    This cable has a minimum bend radius of 1 inch, with an outstanding maximum VSWR performance of 1.20:1 to 18GHz. The cable assembly offer shielding effectiveness of greater than 95 dB and can handle 220 W CW power at 10 GHz.

    SMA Push-On Adapter

    SMA Push-On Adapter

    Similarly, our value sourcing services has given us years of leverage on selecting adapters and connectors that helps to reduce maintenance cost and improves productivity. One of our best seller, the SMA Push-On adapter eliminates the time consuming tightening, torquing and loosening process. It is also suitable to reduce the replacement of adapters caused by over torquing and provide ease of connection to torque wrench inaccessible design.

    This adapter operates from DC to 18 GHz with an outstanding maximum VSWR of 1.15:1 to 18 GHz. With an overall length of 18.30 mm (0.72 in), it has a good finger grip area of 8.40 mm (0.33 in) to allow smooth quick connect and disconnection.

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