Test System Design and Integration Services (Updated: 21 Feb 2024)

Our Value Added Services

Test System Design and Customization

We have the privilege of working with some of the world's greatest companies in a range of industries, developing test systems for a variety of testing requirements. From RF components to automotive electronics and sophisticated telecommunications equipment. We have extensive experience developing and customizing automated test solutions for cellular, wireless, automotive, emerging comms and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Our system engineers are able design quality test system from ground up that meets your product test specifications, test cycle time and budget. We are also capable of customizing various type of legacy and home-grown test systems.

expressTest Software Platform

In cases where there is no specific platform of choice, we recommend to use our expressTest ATE Platform. The expressTest platform can easily transform your test system into a low cost ATE, offering easy to use test plan development, maintenance and customizeable production monitoring interfaces.

expressTest Development Interface
expressTest Development Interface

System Integration and Build-To-Print

Completing test system design is just half of the milestone, who can integrate it?

Our experienced Engineers are capable of understanding sophisticated test system drawing and layout the system with safety in mind before the actual integration work take place. We are able to provide value added services covering instrument recommendation, software customization, firmware customization and mechanical design work all in one roof.

Our engineers will work closely with you in your various system design stages beginning from requirements definition to system validation to ensure that the system integration work is done right the first time.

Test System Enhancement and Test Time Improvement

Wondering how your test system can be more productive?

Elecsoft Solution brings you more than 18 years of experience in the field of production test system enhancement and improvement, delivering superior test time and providing better test coverage.

Our consultants will look into your existing instrumentation, software, test plan and process to recommend the optimum solution suitable for your test system. Once initiated, we will work closely with your team to ensure that the enhancement or improvement in either hardware, software and process meet or exceed our recommendation.

RF Test Board Design, Characterization and Fabrication

Wondering if your RF test board can be fabricated locally and meet specifications? RF Test Board Design, Characterization and Fabrication

As an End-to-end Test System Design and Integration house, we also offer RF test board design services with over 18 years of experience in the field of RF PCB design.

We are using industry-standard, low-loss materials such as Rogers RO4350B to design boards for product, test, evaluation and application purposes. We are also able to design specialized RF test solutions such as the characterization of RF sockets or contact pins.

Test Cases and Test Plan Development

Having limited resources to complete your test plan on time?

If you already have a test system but required development on new test cases or test plan, our test development engineers can work closely with you on developing the desired test cases meeting your most stringent requirements with accuracy and productivity in mind.

We are familiar with most widely used custom test software development products, test executives and test managers allowing us to easily adapt to your platform of choice.