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Chroma 16502 Milliohm Tester
Chroma 16502 Milliohm Tester

The Chroma 16502 Milliohm Meter is Chroma's newes t digital Milliohm Meter. 0.001mΩ~1.9999MΩ wide measurement range. DC, Pulsed, and Dry-circuit test current driving modes, enable the Chroma 16502 can be properly used in DC resistance measurement for various inductive components (coil, choke, and transformer winding etc.), cable, metallic contact (connector, relay switch etc.) and conduction materials.

Using the A165014 Temperature Compensation Card with A165015 PT100 Temperature Probe, res i s tance values measured at ambient temperature can be corrected by applying a thermal coefficient so that the display shows the corresponding resistance values at any other temperature with temperature correction function. Temperature increase (Δt) is obtained and di splayed by conver t ing res i s tance measurements and ambient temperature with convenient temperature conversion function. This function is especially useful for verifying motor windings or coils, where the maximum temperature increase needs to be determined when current is applied.

Pulsed ± function application includes power choke, switch/Relay contract, multi-braided twisted wires, metallic foil or conductive material, thermo-sensitive material (fuse, thermistor sensor) etc. Dry Circuit function application includes switch /relay contract, thermo-sensitive material (fuse, thermistor sensor) etc. DC+ function app lication includes high inductance DUT, like primary of transformer (multi-turn) measurement with Measurement Delay Function to avoid the test current not produced that effect by high inductance DUT during test period.

Standard RS-232 interface, optional GPIB & Handler inter face, high speed and stable measurement capabilities enable the Chroma 16502 can be used for both component evaluation on the production line and milliohm measurement for bench-top applications.

Key Features

  • Basic accuracy : 0.05%
  • Pulsed test current output mode is used to reduce thermal EMFs affection on milliohm measurement
  • DC test current output mode is used to fasten measurement speed for inductive DUT
  • Dry-circuit test current output mode (limited Max. 20mV) is used to measure such contact resistances where the maximum open-circuit voltage must be limited to 50mV
  • Temperature correction (TC function) regardless of material or temperature
  • Useful temperature conversion function for motor/ coil evaluation
  • 4 channels R scan with balance check function for fan motor (combined with A165017 option)
  • 0.001mΩ~1.9999MΩ wide measurement range with 4½ digits resolution
  • Standard RS-232 interface
  • Optional GPIB & Handler interface
  • Bin-sorting function
  • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
  • Large LCD display (240 x 64 dot-matrix)
  • Friendly user interface
  • LabView® Driver

Basic Performance

Parameters / Characteristics Specifications
11200 (650V)
Range Basic Measurement Accuracy;
Test Current
20mΩ ±(0.1% of reading + 0.03 % of range) ; 1A typical
200mΩ ±(0.05% of reading + 0.03 % of range) ; 100mA typical
±(0.05% of reading + 0.03 % of range) ; 10mA typical
20Ω ±(0.05% of reading + 0.03 % of range) ; 1mA typical
200Ω ±(0.05% of reading + 0.02 % of range) ; 1mA typical
2kΩ ±(0.05% of reading + 0.01 % of range) ; 1mA typical
20kΩ ±(0.1% of reading + 0.01% of range) ; 100µA typical
200kΩ ±(0.2% of reading + 0.01% of range) ; 10µA typical
2MΩ ±(0.3% of reading + 0.01% of range) ; 1µA typical
Test Signal Drive Mode DC+, DC-,Pulsed+, Pulsed -, Pulsed ±, Stand by
Dry Circuit Open Circuit Voltage less than 20mV; for 200mΩ, 2Ω, 20Ω ranges only
Measurement Time Fast 65ms
Medium 150ms
Slow 650ms
Temp. Correction / Conversion Function Temp. Measurement Accuracy (Option) -10.0°C ~ 39.9°C ±(0.3% of reading+0.°C) 
40.0°C ~99.9°C ±(0.3% of reading+1.0°C) 
Temp. Sensor Type (Option) PT100/ PT500
Interface & I/O Interface RS-232(Standard) , GPIB, Handler (Optional)
Output Signal Bin-sorting & Pass/Fail judge
Comparator Upper/Lower limits in value
Bin Sorting 8 bin limits in %, ABS
Trigger Delay 0~9999ms
Trigger Internal, Manual, External, BUS
Display 240 x 64 dot-matrix LCD display
Correction Function Zeroing


Options Descriptions
Hardware Options 16502 Milliohm Meter
A110235 GPIB & Handler Interface
A110236 19" Rack Mounting Kit
A113012 Vacuum Generator for A165018
A113014 Vacuum Pump for A165018
A165013 GPIB and Handler Interface with Temperature Compensation
A165014 Temperature Compensation Card
A165015 PT100 Temperature Probe
A165017 4 Channels R Scanner
A165018 Test Fixture for SMD Power Choke
A165019 Pin Type Leads (taper)
A165022 Four Terminal Test Cable

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Model Number Basic Accuracy Measurement Range
Chroma 16502 Milliohm Meter 16502 Milliohm Meter 0.05% 0.001mΩ~1.9999MΩ

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